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Shared Living Provider

Shared Living is a service delivery option of Residential Habilitation, delivered in a private home owned or leased by an independent contractor of the agency provider. The Shared Living contractor and the participant live together, and the participant shares daily life with the Shared Living family in their home and community.

Shared Living is a continuous service which teaches the participant skills to live more independently and access his/her community. Shared Living includes assistance with health maintenance and supervision. Shared Living is a habilitative service and must include habilitation programs.
Examples of Shared Living include teaching adaptive daily living skills, such as:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Laundry and household chores
  • Meal preparation
  • Activities in the community
  • And social and leisure skills


Referral Process

DEBO gathers as much information as is available through the person, family, service coordination, outside agencies, physicians, and the like. (The referral will include a description of funding for placement.) Based on this information, the Individual Support Team and DEBO will make an initial determination of whether the referred person can be served by the agency in a shared-living setting.

Potential Shared Living Placement

Once a determination has been made by DEBO that a shared-living residential option could be appropriately accommodated, notice is given to service coordination and other team members in order to further explore the possibility of placement/provision of service.

Matching Individuals with Placement

The individual receiving assisted services chooses the placement they desire. DEBO will provide individuals and their teams with options to consider and will facilitate the necessary steps for placement to occur.

Agreement with the Shared Living Provider

Funding for services is determined by the State’s Objective Assessment Process for each individual and considered to be adequate in supporting the person being served. Room and board payments are made to the shared living provider by the individual served. Shared-living contractors are not the legal guardians of the individual. A contractual agreement exists between the shared-living provider and Developmental Educational and Behavioral Outcomes to provide services.