Questions? Call us. (531) 500-4729

Questions? Call us. (531) 500-4729

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Our employees provide a safe and a caring environment where individuals can develop their emotional, interpersonal, psychological, spiritual, and physical health to sustain them throughout their lives. We are stewards of safety.

Are you able to teach You are Safe with Me?

“You are safe with me; always and everywhere. I will not hurt you. My words are only kind and my touch is only gentle.  I will slip carefully past the terror in your eyes and stand with you against the harshness of your past and your present. I cannot promise there will be no more bad times, but I can promise that they will never come from me. You will also never bare them alone again; I will be with you.”

Feelings of safety and love are based on an initial indulgence:

  • Of an almost complete posture of nurturing.
  • The deepest possible expression of unconditional love.
  • Initially having no other hope than the acceptance of our presence and acts of love.
  • And gradually evoking active engagement.

At DEBO, we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work, and we value passion and commitment. From direct care staff to provider, together we work in a multi-faceted environment in which you can grow and succeed.